EOI New Zealand Investor 2 Visa

PUBLISHED: 09-May-2022 

Two (2) EOIs claiming between 49 and 78 points were selected in the New Zealand Investor 2 Visa Category selection round held on 5 May 2022. Nationalities of those selected were as under:

  1. United States of America (50.00%)
  2. China (50.00%)

Selected EOIs will undergo preliminary verification to determine if invitation to apply for resident visa can be issued. Resident visa application can be submitted after invitation is received.


There are no EOIs left in the pool after this selection.


The next EOI invitation round under Investor 2 Category will be held on Thursday 19 May 2022.


Congratulations if your EOI has been selected and you have been invited to apply for resident visa under investor category. Good luck with your visa application and feel free to contact us if you need assistance with your resident visa application.

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