New Zealand Parent Visa

New Zealand Parent Visa

Are you a New Zealand citizen or resident wishing to bring your parents to live and settle in New Zealand? Check out this page for the parent visa options and contact us should you wish to apply for parent visa.


Please note that this parent visa category closed since 2006 was to re-open in 2020 with first EOI selection draw scheduled for May 2020. Due to Covid-19 related border closures, the selections were suspended until a review of this policy. The review is planned for late 2022 and will look at barriers to access this visa including the high income threshold. This category will re-open once review is completed with necessary changes as recommended by the review. In the meanwhile, we have given below the overview and requirements of parent visa applicable before suspension.


Parent visa is a two-step process with parents initially submitting their expression of interest to apply for parent visa and subsequently applying for the visa upon receiving invitation to apply. Parent visa is subjected to an annual quota of 1,000 people and EOI selections will be based on the date of submission of EOI in the pool.To qualify for resident visa under parent visa category, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. not have any dependent children;
  2. be sponsored by adult child who is a resident or citizen of New Zealand;
  3. sponsor must meet sponsorship requirements including minimum income requirements;
  4. meet English language requirements or pre-purchase English language tuition;
  5. meet Health and Character requirements.


This parent visa category is open and parents can apply for this visa

Parent Retirement Resident Visa is an investment based visa initially for four years leading to resident visa on meeting the investment criteria throughout the four year period. Parent can include partner and those meeting requirements will initially be granted approval in principle (AIP) and will have twelve months to transfer funds and invest in New Zealand. To qualifdy, parent must meet the foolowing requirements:

  1. be sponsored by adult child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident;
  2. invest at least NZ $1 million in acceptable investments for four years;
  3. have settlement funds of at least NZ $500,000;
  4. have annual income of NZ $60,000 or more;
  5. parent and partner must meet health and character requirements.


New Zealand borders are being re-opend in phases with borders scheduled to re-open to all applicants in October 2022. Parents therefore can apply for this temporary visa from October 2022 once borders re-open.

This visa is a long term visitor visa valid for three years and parents and grandparents can visit multiple times on a single visa. Parents and grandparents can stay a maximum of six months on any one visit and no more than eighteen months in three years. To qualify, the parent or grandparent must:

  1. be sponsored by your child, grandchild, or parent of your child or grandchild;
  2. sponsor must be New Zealand citizen or resident;
  3. agree to pay their own health care costs;
  4. you and your partner must meet health and character requirements.


Contact us if you wish to sponsor your parent for resident or visitor visa and seek professional guidance and assistance with parent visa application.

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