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New Zealand Immigration & Visas

New Zealand Immigration and Visas

New Zealand also known as Aotearoa is a sparesly populated country (population density of 18.16 people per square kilometre) with strong economy, ... close to zero corruption, a just and equitable justice system. It consistently ranks at or close to the top of world rankings for quality of life, most peaceful country, prosperity and ease of doing business. No wonder it is an increasingly popular destination to live, work, do business, study and settle in with UK, China and India being the top three countries contributing the most migrants to New Zealand. To find out details about 'Why Emigrate to New Zealand', 'New Zealand Residence Programme' and popular 'New Zealand Visas', visit our NEW ZEALAND IMMIGRATION section. CONTACT US if you wish to move to New Zealand and apply for New Zealand visa. Read More

Australian Immigration & Visas

Australian Immigration and Visas

Australia is a stable, democratic and diverse nation and the sixth largest continent stretching 4,000 kilometres, almost the same distance ... as London to Tehran, Singapore to New Delhi or Hong Kong to Mumbai. It has spectacular landscape and one of the strongest and most stable economy with highest median adult wealth. Australia offers boundless opportunities and endless potential for business and strong employment opportunities with low unemployment and low inflation rate. No wonder it is the fourth most preferred migration destination in the world with England,India and China being the top three countries contributing the most migrants.To find out 'why emigrate to Australia' and for an overview of Australian Visa requirements, visit our AUSTRALIA section and CONTACT US if you wish to emigrate to Australia and apply for Australian visa. Read More

Employer Accreditation

New Zealand Employer Accreditation

In a major overhaul of New Zealand work visa policy, the existing six work visas will be replaced with a single employer-led work visa policy. The ... new policy will come into effect from July 2022 and have two levels - standard accreditation for employers recruiting up to five migrant workers at any one time and high-volume accreditation for employers recruiting six or more migrant workers at any one time. Accordingly, if you are an employer recruiting migrant workers you will need to become an Immigration New Zealand accredited employer no later than July 2022 to be able to recruit foreign workers. To find out details of the new Employer Accredited Work Visa and Employer Accreditation Application process, visit our EMPLOYERS section and CONTACT US if you wish to become an accredited employer and apply for accreditation. Read More

Study In New Zealand or Australia

Study in New Zealand or Australia

Study in New Zealand or Australia in serene, safe and welcoming environment at competitive fees and gain an internationally well-regarded ... qualification. Choose from a wide variety of courses offered by universities, polytechnics and private training establishments. New Zealand and Australia offer low cost, high quality education and fee protection to international students. Both have large number of international students from across the world so study in multicultural environment, will be exposed to different cultures and have the opportunity to make life long connections. Students can work part-time during studies and full-time for up to 4 years post qualification, thus earning income and also gaining overseas work experience. For details visit our STUDENTS section and CONTACT US if you wish to study in New Zealand or Australia. Read More

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