Kaimah Immigration Consultants established in 2002 and based in Auckland, New Zealand provides immigration advice, visa and student services to individuals and families looking to emigrate to Australia or move to NZ. We also guide and assist NZ employers to become Immigration New Zealand approved accredited employer. Contact us for advice, guidance and comprehensive visa service by Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) Licensed NZ Immigration Adviser and Australia Registered Migration Agent. Submit your enquiry now.


Move To New Zealand

New Zealand is a small welcoming, diverse and picturesqe country with breathtaking landscapes. It is one of the top destinations in the world with increasing number of people wanting to move to New Zealand to live, work, invest, do business, study or visit. Check out following details and contact licensed immigration advisor if you wish to move to NZ and and apply for NZ Visa:


Emigrate To Australia

Do you wish to emigrate to Australia and settle in Australia with a permanent resident visa? Check out why emigrate to Australia, Australia migration programme and overview of popular Australia visa. Contact experienced Immigration Consultant registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia, if you wish to migrate to Australia and apply for Australia visa:


New Zealand Employer Accreditation

New Zealand employers can employ migrant workers under the Accredited Employer Work Visa policy. Find out steps to employ migrant workers, how to become an Immigration New Zealand accredited employer, requirements for job check and work visa application


Study in New Zealand or Australia

We have partnered with a leading pilot training school in New Zealand training students for over 60 years. Check out details and contact us if you wish to fly and become a commercial pilot.


New Zealand Australia Immigration Advisor

Pervez Suntoke is the founder director of Kaimah Consultants Limited an immigration advisory and visa service company specialising in immigration to New Zealand and Australia. Pervez has 19 years experience of providing immigration advice and visa services.

Check out details & why use a licensed immigration advisor.


About Kaimah Consultants

We are a full-service boutique immigration and education consulting and service company based in Auckland, New Zealand, established in October 2002 providing comprehensive visa and case management service to our clients.


New Zealand Australia Immigration Service

We provide comprehensive immigration, education and visa service to individuals as well as assists employers wishing to recruit migrant workers.


Immigration Reviews

We provide honest advise and professional, prompt and quality service to our clients, resulting in repeat business and referrals from them. No wonder our clients use the words 'wow', 'amazing', 'great' and more to describe the service they received and recommend our service.

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Immigration News

Immigration Law, Regulations and policies are subject to change, most often without prior notice. We bring to you the latest news so you can keep in touch with the latest happenings in the immigration and student field including EOI selection draw results. Check out Latest Immigration News.


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Do you wish to Move to New Zealand or Emigrate to Australia or Study in New Zealand or Australia but not sure how to proceed?. Contact us for advice, guidance and comprehensive, visa, student and employer accreditation services. Submit your Submit Enqury now.

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