New Zealand Parent and Grandparent Visa is for parents and grandparents of an adult child or grand child who is a NZ Citizen or Resident willing and able to sponsor them. With a Parent Visa or Grandparent Visa, parents and grandparents can move to NZ and live permanently or temporarily with their adult child or grandchild.

Parent Resident Visa

Annual Quota and Process

Parent visa has an annual quota of 2,500 visas (not EOIs) and is a two-step invitation only process as under:

  • Parents initially submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to apply for parent resident visa;
  • All EOIs will go in the EOI pool and 500 parents (not EOIs) will be drawn from the pool by a ballot every quarter starting from August 2023;
  • Those selected will be Invited To Apply (ITA) for resident visa and can submit their parent visa application thereafter;
  • EOI's will remain in the pool earlier of selection or 2 years from submission.

Parent Visa Requirements

To qualify for the parent visa, both parents and sponsors have to meet the following requirements:

  • Parents must meet the following requirements:
    • Not have any dependent children;
    • Be Sponsored by either 2 adult children or one adult child and child's partner;
    • Meet English language requirements or pre-purchase English language tuitions;
    • Meet Health and Character requirements or granted waiver.
  • Sponsor must meet the following sponsorship requirements:
    • Should be aged 18 years or over;
    • Must either be a New Zealand Resident for at least 3 years or a New Zealand Citizen;
    • Spent 184 or more days in New Zealand in each of these 3 years;
    • Singly or jointly with another adult child or partner earn at least 1.5 times the median wage for 2 of the 3 years from the date of issue of Invitation To Apply for residence;
    • Sponsor's income requirement depends upon whether there is a single or joint sponsor, number of parents being sponsored and number of parents sponsored earlier (currently ranges between NZ $86,611.20 to NZ $202,092.80);
    • If sponsoring jointly with partner, the partnership requirements must be met;
    • Commit to meet parents living expenses for 10 years, if parents are unable to meet the same.

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Grandparent Resident Visa

Grandparents may qualify for this visa only if their grandchild's parents have died and they meet all of the afore-mentioned requirements for parent visa.

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Parent Retirement Resident Visa is an investment based visa granted for four years leading to permanent resident visa on meeting the investment criteria throughout the four year period. Parent can include partner and those meeting requirements will initially be granted approval in principle (AIP) and will have twelve months to transfer funds and invest in New Zealand. To qualify, parents must meet the following requirements:

  • be sponsored by an adult child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident;
  • invest at least NZ $1 million in acceptable investments for four years;
  • have settlement funds of at least NZ $500,000;
  • have annual income of NZ $60,000 or more;
  • parent and partner must meet health and character requirements.

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Parent and grandparent visitor visa is a multiple entry visa valid for three years. Parents and grandparents can stay a maximum of six months on any one visit and no more than eighteen months in three years. To qualify, the parent or grandparent must:

  • be sponsored by their child or grandchild;
  • sponsor must be New Zealand citizen or resident;
  • parent and grandparent must agree to pay their own health care costs;
  • parent, grandparent and their partner must meet health and character requirements.

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