Contact us if you are facing shortage of skilled workers and wish to employ foreign workers to fill the skill gap. We will advise and guide you on the requirements to be met by you as an employer as well as your potential employees and arrange their work visa. Contact us also if you wish to become an Immigration New Zealand Accredited Employer.

Employer Accreditation

In 2018, INZ announced its intention for a major overhaul of work visas by combining current 6 types of work visas into a single work visa and to make it employer-centric rather than applicant-centric. Accordingly, INZ has announced it will introduce mandatory accreditation of employers wishing to employ foreign workers. Mandatory accreditation was to be introduced in phases and fully implemented by early 2021, but is now expected to be implemented from July 2022.

Employer Accreditation Requirements

While the details of the mandatory accreditation policy are yet to be announced, the following are the core requirements for accreditation under the current policy:

  1. Company is in sound Financial Position;
  2. Has high standard Human Resources Policies and Procedures in place;
  3. Is committed to train locals;
  4. Has good workplace practices

Advantages of Accreditation

Employer Accreditation by Immigration New Zealand has several advantages for employers and employees:

  1. employers can recruit foreign workers without having to prove that suitable New Zealanders are not available (no labour market test);
  2. employers do not need to provide Employer Supplementary Form;
  3. talent work visa applications are prioritised;
  4. residence pathway for employees;
  5. employees are granted work-to-residence visa for 30 months;
  6. after having worked with the employer for 24 months, employees can apply for residence visa;
  7. committed workers due to residence pathway available.

Validity of Accreditation

Accreditation will be valid for 2 years and can be renewed thereafter

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