We provide comprehensive immigration, visa and student service and manage the entire process - right from initial free assessment through to receipt of visa decision upon engagement of service. Our endeavour is to provide transparent, professional and friendly service to make your journey with us as smooth and hassle-free as possible and make it a pleasurable and tension-free experience.

Our Immigration and Visa Service

Our immigration and visa service is provided in two-steps - free pre-engagement and paid post-engagement service as under:

Pre-engagement Service

Submit the Contact Form from our Contact Us page for free pre-engagement service. Upon receiving your details, we will make a quick initial assessment of your potential to meet the elementary requirements including points test. We will provide a brief preliminary assessment report and advise your potential to qualify for the visa, our fees, application charges and estimated processing times. Please answer ALL applicable questions truthfully, disclose relevant information if any in the "Provide Brief Details" box and attach your and your partner's Resume or brief business particulars as applicable (multiple documents in zip file).

Post-engagement Service

You then confirm your decision to engage our service and upon receiving your confirmation, we will enter into an 'Agreement For Service & Fees' documenting service to be provided, detailed fee payment schedule, refund policy, when application fee is payable, our mutual responsibilities, disclocure of interest, if any and dispute settlement process should things go wrong. To provide certainty and avoid surprises, our fees are locked throughout the service period for the contracted service. Service will commence upon execution of the Agreement and we will:

  1. advise documentation required;
  2. scrutinise the documents to ensure that all policy requirements are met;
  3. advice areas of concern if any, based on scrutiny of documents;
  4. apply for and arrange skills assessment for your nominated occupation (for skilled visas Australia);
  5. apply for and obtain qualifications assessment if required (for skilled visas New Zealand);
  6. prepare and submit your Expression of Interest;
  7. prepare and lodge your visa application;
  8. make submissions in support of your visa and related applications;
  9. liaise with your case officer and respond to queries raised if any;
  10. represent you throughout the service period until receipt of visa decision;
  11. advise you of policy changes if any that may impact your visa application.

PPI Response, Section 61 Application & Appeals

We also provide the following additional services for New Zealand:

  1. respond to Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letter received;
  2. appeal a decline decision;
  3. apply for visa under section 61 seeking to regularise your unlawful status.

Our Student Service

Our endeavour is to provide honest and upfront advice in the best interest of students. While study offers numerous advantages for career advancement, gain overseas work experience and a possibility to settle in New Zealand or Australia post-qualification, it is critical for students to select their study programmes carefully. Contact us for an initial free discussion on general aspects of education, approximate fee range, living expenses, work rights while studying and post-qualification and possibility of bringing your partner and children along. You than engage our service and we will enter into Agreement and commence our comprehensive student service thereafter. We will:

  1. work with you in selecting an appropriate course of study based on your course preferences;
  2. advise 'admission requirements' including documentation;
  3. assist you with preparation of your 'enrolment application' to required standards;
  4. advise 'student visa requirements' including documentation;
  5. prepare and submit your student visa application and arrange your student visa;
  6. arrange appropriate visa for your partner and dependent children, as applicable.

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