Are you an Australian permanent resident or former permanent resident or former Australian citizen wanting multi-entry travel rights to travel in and out of Australia and apply for Resident Return Visa (RRV)?  Check out eligibility and details of RRV.

Who Needs Resident Return Visa

You will need RRV if you are:

  • a current permanent resident of Australia; or
  • a former permanent resident of Australia provided your permanent resident visa was not cancelled; or
  • a former Australian who lost or surrendered your Australian citizenship.

Australian citizens do not need Resident Return Visa and can travel in and out of Australia without any restrictions.

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When To Apply RRV

Initial permanent resident visa is issued with multiple-entry travel rights for two years. This allows you to travel in and out of Australia any number of times during the two year validilty period. Should you need to travel out of Australia after the initial two year period, you must apply for and be granted RRV to be allowed to return to Australia.

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Duration and Eligibility For Resident Return Visa

Duration of Resident Return Visa

RRV can be granted for either:

  • Five years; or
  • Twelve months;or
  • Three Months

Eligibility For Five Year RRV

You may qualify for five year RRV if you are in Australia and meet the residence requirement, that is present in Australia for two out of the last five years

How To Qualify For Twelve Month RRV

You may qualify for twelve month RRV if you meet any of the following conditions. You were:

  • you are a permanent resident who has not lived in Australia for two out of the five years but have substantial family, employment, cultural or business ties of benefit to Australia; or
  • you are a member of family unit and the family member holds the RRV or has applied for RRV.

Three Month RRV

You may qualify for three months RRV, if you meet the following conditions:

  • you do not meet either the five year or 12 month RRV requirements;and
  • you have not been absent from Australia for five years from making your RRV application; and
  • you have compelling and compenssionate reasons for departure from Australia.

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