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PUBLISHED: 30-Sep-2021 

In a surprise but hugely welcome move New Zealand government has annnounced a once in a lifetime opportunity for temporary work visa holders in New Zealand to secure resident visa under the 2021 Resident Visa category. This 2021 resident visa is expected to benefit around 165,000 workers including their families and provide certainty to these workers.

2021 Resident Visa Criteria

To qualify for this visa, applicants should:

  1. be in New Zealand as on 29th September 2021;
  2. hold an eligible visa on 29 September 2021 as well as on the date they apply;
  3. meet health and character requirements; and
  4. meet either of the following 3 criterias
    1. Settled: lived in New Zealand for at least 821 days between in last 3 years upto 29 September 2021; or
    2. Skilled: earning median wage of $27 or more per hour; or
    3. Scarce: working in a job that is on scarce list.

When To Apply

Applications will be accepted in two phases:

  1. 1st December 2021; and
  2. 1st March 2022.

Applications will close on 31 July 2022.

Estimated Processing Time

Applications are expected to be processed within 1 year.


Contact us now if you wish to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity to gain New Zealand resident visa.

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