New Zealand Partner Visa

New Zealand Partner Visa

NZ partner visa is for partners who are married or in de-facto relationship (opposite or same sex) with a resident or citizen of New Zealand. Applicants who have not lived together with their NZ partner for 12 months will initially be granted work visa and will be granted resident visa after complying with 12 months living together requirement.

NZ Partner (Work) Visa

If you meet all of the following requirements except the requirement of living together for 12 months, you will qualify for work visa under NZ partnership category to enable you to move to NZ and comply with the living together requirement. You

  1. must be sponsored by your eligible NZ citizen or resident partner aged 18 years or over;
  2. and your sponsor must have met each other;
  3. and your sponsor have been living together for 12 months or more in a stable and genuine relationship;
  4. and your partner are not close relatives;
  5. meet Health and Character requirements.

You can work for any employer in any position on work visa under partnership category.

NZ Partner (Resident) Visa

After you have lived together with your NZ partner and continue to meet partnership requirements, you will qualify for resident visa.


Contact us if you have a spouse or de-facto partner in New Zealand and wish to apply for NZ partner visa. Call or email us.

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