Pilot Training

Pilot Training

Learn to fly in a well established and leading pilot training school in New Zealand with over 50 years proven record of training pilots to high standards and become a commercial pilot. The pilot training school provides ab-initio pilot training and you do not need prior ground training or flying experience to join.

Aviation Courses

The flight school provides the following courses:

  1. Private Pilot Licence (PPL);
  2. Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL);
  3. Diploma in General Aviation (PPL, CPL and Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR);
  4. Diploma in Aviation - Airline Preparation Stream (PPL, CPL, MEIR, ATPL Theory, Multi-Crew Integrated Training (MCIC);
  5. Diploma in Aviation - Flight Instruction Stream (PPL, CPL, MEIR, 'C' Cat Flight Instructor Rating).

Admission Requirements

  1. Age 18 years at commencement;
  2. Passed High School with good grades in English, Maths and Physics;
  3. Be proficient in English (IELTS 6.0, PTE 50);
  4. CAANZ Class 1 Medical Certificate (CAANZ medical examiners are available overseas);
  5. At least an 'Average' result in Pilot Pre-Screening Test (available online).

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